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Podiatrist winter boots advice, what's hot & what's not

Winter boots are about on-trend styles and luxe comfort, with so many boots to choose from, the team at Simply Feet Podiatry is here to help you navigate towards the best choice for your foot!

Heel Height

Look at the gradient from the heel to the toes and ideally choose a boot which has less than a two-inch heel.

Toe Width

Wide shoes allow your toes, crucially your big toes, to provide a stable base of support. Tapered narrow shoes reduce stability and restrict the natural splay and recoil of toes weakening the muscles and foot function. Long term wear of narrow shoes is the prime cause of bunions!

Inner sole

Check the inner sole of the boot. Does it come out? While the innersole is out stand on it and look down, if your foot hangs over the edges then this shoe is too narrow or short for you….

Comfortable upper

Check the material of the boot. Is it firm? Does it hold well when under the pressure of your hand? You want to find a boot that is strong enough to support your foot and not buckle under your weight.

The winter boot brands we generally recommend are:

BARED Footwear

Ziera Shoes



Lems Shoes

If you have any questions please feel free to call Simply Feet Podiatry on 03 437 9025 and book a consultation with our specialist podiatrists, we are here to help!

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