Michelle Hansen

(BHSc Podiatry)

Michelle Hansen opened Oamaru's only (and first!) full-time podiatry clinic in August 2015. The premises is equipped with Oamaru's only orthotic workshop where Michelle can easily make adjustments to footwear and orthotics. 


Michelle was trained in NZ; she completed a three-year bachelors degree in health science podiatry more than 15 years ago. She has worked closely with an Olympic sports doctor in Christchurch and has experience treating all levels of athletes including elite runners, cyclists and New Zealand cricket players. She's also worked in the National Health Service in London and one of the city's top podiatry clinics in Notting Hill. She is skilled in the the areas of sports medicine, children's foot and walking disorders, diabetes, foot mechanics, arthritis and gerontology.


When it comes to foot pain or injuries, people are often unsure which health professional to visit. Michelle says, 'I frequently have patients relieved to finally get a solution to their foot problem - sometimes after spending quite a lot of money and time with other health professionals.

'I tell patients you go to a dentist for your teeth, an optometrist for your eyes and a podiatrist for your feet.'


Michelle enjoys prescribing and making orthotic inserts for shoes to help children walk or play sport without discomfort. These can be helpful for any age group - from children to the elderly. As Michelle is a registered ACC provider, no referral is necessary from another health professional - she can provide you with an ACC claim form at your first appointment.


Corey Doudle

(BHSc Podiatry)

Corey completed a bachelors degree in health science podiatry in 2016 at the Auckland University of Technology and has been working in the Timaru, Oamaru area. 


Having spent the previous 10 years working for various sporting retailers, Corey is thoroughly trained in sports footwear, which is where he discovered his passion for the role our feet play in our lives and just how important it is for them to be looked after right.


Corey believes “Your feet are the foundation of your body, and just like a house if the foundations aren't right then you're setting yourself up for problems in the future.”


With a passion for exercise, Corey has himself competed in several long distance running events and has also worked with many endurance athletes giving him a unique and complete understanding of what is required from and by our feet.


Having suffered serious knee trauma and knee surgery himself, Corey understands the importance of getting you as pain free as possible and the important role of targeted exercise and strengthening in recovering from and preventing serious injuries.


Corey enjoys making quality orthotic devices and exercise prescription, working with people of all ages, and most importantly seeing people leave feeling better than when they came in.