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How to fix ingrown or painful toenails?

Do you have recurrent ingrown or painful toenails? Squeezing feet back into winter shoes is a timely reminder that we may need to seek help if we have recurrent ingrown or painful toenails.

Ranging from simple issues to situations needing immediate medical care, toenail pain is often ignored until it can no longer be tolerated. Prompt treatment and identification of the underlying causes are key to quick healing and reduction of the pain. The team at Simply Feet are experts at providing instant relief, with a range of conservative or surgical treatment options that cater to your individual needs.

Causes of painful nails can be varied and due to single or multiple factors such as repetitive injury, ingrown nails, fungal nail infection, thickened nails, involuted (curved) nails or repetitive pressure from poor fitting shoes. If you experience nail pain an assessment by our specialised Podiatrists to identify causative factors is required so we can then discuss treatment options.

The most common cause of pain from toenails we see is ingrown nails. An ingrown nail often has a small spike down the side of the nail that penetrates the skin causing a painful wound which often becomes infected. Depending on frequency and causative factors treatment typically involves removal of the nail spicule providing instant pain relief or nail surgery to prevent reoccurrence. Our specialised surgical process ensures quick healing and prevents nail regrowth having you back on your feet in no time. Nail surgery procedure involves local anaesthetic to numb the toe followed by removal of part or all of the toe nail. After the removal of the nail, a chemical is applied to the exposed nail bed to prevent nail regrowth. Healing then typically takes 1-3 weeks.

So if you are experiencing painful or ingrown toenails call the Simply Feet Podiatry Clinic today to a book an assessment where we can discuss treatment options of your painful or ingrown toenails.

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